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Default Re: Holes on clutch cover and the other cover.

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
uhhh, i put some holes in my clutch cover. a few small ones drilled on the side in the front and rear, hoping to cool down my clutch by passing airflow through it.

i dunno if it helped.

BUT the bike is totally modified and the stock clutch pucks don't work with the power, and after trying every adjustment, etc i could think of, i drilled the holes.

now i'm just gonna get some real friction material for the pucks.
The OP was talking about swiss cheesing the clutch cover, magneto and
sprocket cover.
It looks cool, I have some pics saved somewhere.....looka like a GP bike.

You are using Chinese rubber tire sidewall clutch pads. It is some kind of
modern day miracle that it even works!

The red round clutch pads are a better material, maybe?
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