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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by biknut View Post

My guess is the elitist crowd that advocates expensive bikes are too stupid to build a better bike themselves.
How are the Chinese children doing. I remember the picture you posted with you hunched down next to them and the paper Dragon theme. Was that in front of a store in China or here in the States? I love kids!

Originally Posted by DuctTapedGoat View Post
But - keep this in mind when you're going from review to review.

Take for example you're comparing two reviews - one a cheap walmart bike reviewed by a walmart customer, and the other a thousand dollar downhill mountain bike reviewed by an avid downhiller. Who's review is going to hold more weight?

Whether it's positive or negative - I'll take a review by someone who knows bikes well enough to be able to form an educated opinion before I listen to a review from someone who got their bike amidst a couponing spree (not referring to anyone in the forum, but rather the majority of people who would write up an online review of a walmart bike).
I road on every cheep thing there was growing up. I can say over the years that I got to find out how much better nice hubs will make a bike truly glide.

I cracked the head tube off of a Department store Huffy when I was a kid I was lucky! Later on another little BMX bike a rear trailing arm at the kick stand it was a Murrey My uncle re-welded both of those bikes for me.. Years later in my early teens I saw another head tube crack off of a Huffy mountain bike I used to get across town. got lucky again! I welded that one up and it was sweet after that..

I recently got a old Huffy for free in cherry condition just like this old one was thought I might trick it out welding wise and slap a motor on it.

Then I got a Trek mountain bike used I had to replace the rear wheel was never taken care of right. That bike was just weird never did feel right. It did not seem to be Asymmetrical peddling wise. I cracked a trailing arm on it. I came to realize these bikes were swaying to much under my peddling force.

I had one of the first full suspension Diamond Back V Links when they came out. I went 500 miles on it always strictly peddling no sill stunts bike had custom touring gears and never saw the mountains. One of the rear trailing arms cracked. I got it warrantied then managed about 7,000 miles it cracked again I replaced it again. ''I really liked how dialed in I was and how fast and comfy I had gotten this bike and I was very fast!!'' I welded it back together again later on in a very hocky way and got a total of 18,000 miles out of that bike plain ol peddling! I think pretty sure that bike frame came out of China.

My new full sus D.B. is Taiwan its a next generation way better design by now. The D.B. company completely redesigned it. I don't think I will not break this one knocks on wood lol.

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
I dunno sometimes I am pretty smelly from a work out and all?
Originally Posted by motorbiker View Post
Some people that ride a lot to get around like the Walmart bikes better because they don't have to feel so bad when they are stolen !
I know this analogy very well . lol. Fortunately I have never had a bike stolen but I have lost other things. Take that back just remembered had a Cycle Pro trick BMX bike stolen when I was a kid still makes me mad. That bike was absolutely indestructible.

Maintenance and being able to fix our own stuff is the most important thing to learn in this life style!
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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