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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by DuctTapedGoat View Post
But - keep this in mind when you're going from review to review.

Take for example you're comparing two reviews - one a cheap walmart bike reviewed by a walmart customer, and the other a thousand dollar downhill mountain bike reviewed by an avid downhiller. Who's review is going to hold more weight?

Whether it's positive or negative - I'll take a review by someone who knows bikes well enough to be able to form an educated opinion before I listen to a review from someone who got their bike amidst a couponing spree (not referring to anyone in the forum, but rather the majority of people who would write up an online review of a walmart bike).
Notice that many of the reviews say a bolt or two was missing and they did not get instructions on how to put it together.

That is what the bike shop will do. Make sure all the bolts are tight for you and make sure the wheels are right.

I had to do that to my trike.

I bought it on craigslist for $100.

They bent a wheel and the bike shop wanted too much to fix it so they put the " walmart junk bike " on craigslist.

The bent wheel was an easy fix for me.

To be clear, the Schwinn trike is for collecting cans and to the store.

My Gary Fisher Tass with disc brakes is my downhill fast bike. (Tampa Bay hills )

Changed out the seat, handlebars, stem, seatpost, etc.

I no longer own a car. I would rather ride a Walmart Roadmaster !

Some people that ride a lot to get around like the Walmart bikes better because they don't have to feel so bad when they are stolen !

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