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Default Re: another old Noob checking in.

Not being disagreeable or meaning to. A 2 stroke has a better power to weight ratio but my 4 stroke, 50cc's have more power and speed then my 66cc 2 smokes. All stock kits with no mods. There are small 4 strokes that will top out at 20. My Honda GX 50cc tops out at 35MPH and HF 79cc tops out at 34.

The main disadvantage of the 4 strokes is they are huge by comparison, are not as good looking. They both have some great points but I prefer the sound of the 4's over the 2 strokes. Is a hum rather then a buzzing sound. Purely a personal preference thing. Ride with a bunch of folks who much prefer the sound of a 2 stroke.

But never met any one who was unhappy with their MB. Just folks building their next one, lol
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