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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I can tell none of you guys are Harley riders. Harley riders expect to replace every part on the bike with better parts. Sometimes the new parts aren't even better, they just look different.

I'm a Harley rider. When I look at the new bicycle I just look to see if it has enough parts I like, to justify replacing all the parts I don't like.

Walmart might ask the factory to build a cheaper bike, but they don't ask for shoddy welding or workmanship, or thinner tubing. All they want is cheaper components on the bike. That's a good thing for me, because then I can come along and buy a bike that I like for cheap, and replace the components I don't like with ones I choose.

That makes a lot more sense than buying an expensive bike and replacing the components with ones I like better, or just want to be different.

My guess is the elitist crowd that advocates expensive bikes are too stupid to build a better bike themselves.
Right !

Look at reviews for any bicycle. It does not matter how much it costs.

In fact look at the reviews for bikes that cost a lot.

Some people will say the brakes are trash or the seat or wheels are trash and need replacing.

My favorite bike is this.

26" Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, Blue Customer Ratings & Reviews - Top & Best Rated Products - Walmart

Look at he ratings for this bike. As good as any ?

Bike stores are for people that don't know how to fix their own bikes or have not heard about craigslist ?

They are OK for parts sometimes but eBay is better.
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