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Default Re: Cuban Teenager now in USA

I just gotta love this thread. It wasn't a month or so ago I was talking about Riquimbili's and we were posting Tee Shirt Designs proposing a national movement for Riquimbili's in America, and low and behold a Cuban Riquimbili owner with experience building the things falls right outa the sky into the middle of this palce. Just too good to be true. Wow !

Edge, did you see our Tee shirt Gallery ?

The Fly on the "micro" Riquimbili is just a symbol for all our desires for fast, affordable, motorbikes that can have us feeling free as kids again. (and take our minds off the $4 dollar a gallon gasoline that looms over our heads like a black cloud)

Would you want to design a Tee shirt ? Know anyone back home who would care to lend their style to designing some Tee's for us ? I've searched thru some of the old vintage Cuban post cards for images that would lend themselves to making some tropical looking shirts. You know, tee's that would look like what tourist there for a visit would return with ?
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