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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

My first build was a old made in the usa huffy high strenth tinsle steel frame mountain bike ,it is holding up good.My next build was a diamondback 6160 heat treated alloy frame and that is also taking a pounding and use that off road.

I purchased 2 bikes from wall mart for just peadling on the old railroad bed that they just finnished last year putting nice crushed stone on and goes for 30 miles in both directions.They are the Next full suspention bikes,I took the bearings apart and greased them as recomended on here,next I gave them a full cable tune up and test ride.I have put over 300 miles on these,ride them daily for exersize and had no problems.

I think if you take the time on a wall mart bike to tune it up and lube it it should last just fine.If you just strap a motor on it and pound it to death then ***** about it that is your fault not the poor china man getting 25 cents a day for slave labor.That is just my 2 cents worth.Bye cheep chinese made bike put a cheep chinese made motor on it and have fun doing it.
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