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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by hotbug1776 View Post
hey fishguts... I'm an old member as well.

I've been working on an OP Roller with a Grubee 66. I'm trying for that old motorcycle look myself, with a bit of volksrod thrown in to make it my own LOL

looks to be a nice setup, hope it makes you happy like mine is making me.

Cool. I've built several Volksrods and have had a blast with them. This one is the most radical of the bunch. I hope to be selling it and my steam bike, too. I have advancing arthritis so my wife and I are trying to save enough to get a little place in FL for the winters eventually. I have to downsize my projects and while I hope I'm not done building Volksrods altogether, future cars will need to be simpler. They will need to have less of what I call "floor time". Bike building is a lot easier on the creaky old body and that's what brought me here. I'm still having fun!

I'd like to see a pic of that Volksrod-ish bike!
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