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Originally Posted by fixwheelmad View Post
I was looking at using a Shimano disc brake rear, with a single kit and freewheel, then hard fix the engine sprocket to the disc bolts, Has anyone done this?
Are there any issues with the rear sprocket coming loose? it just looks a little crude to me, was hoping to integrate into the bike more.
Honestly, I refuse to ride a bike that bolts to the spokes. It's just not safe enough for me.

Currently, I'm bolted directly to the disc brake hub, have been for a couple months now. I've retightened once after the first ride (which wasn't necessary) and it's been solid since. Though, they are Blue Locktited. There is no adapter, it's just 6 holes through the sprocket which is non dished. Were you to drill out the stock sprocket to be able to bolt on that way with a dished sprocket, it would help with alignment.

If you plan to use disc brakes as well, or if you want to get a more proper alignment, definitely check out Kings S&S's top hat adapter.
Top Hat Sprocket Adaptor | King Sales and Service

Welcome to the Forum by the way!

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