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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

I've never bought a walmart bike, and honestly, I just never will. Granted, I will never buy a 2000 dollar bicycle from a bike shop either! Though I don't have a problem at all with buying something off someone who has no idea what they've got at a killer price. And I'm always going to be that way.

Granted, my perspective on a bicycle isn't that of a recreational sundays hang it up in the winter kind of thing. I've ridden nothing but a bicycle for 11 years, busting out 30 miles daily pedaling up until 3 years ago when I motored mine. A bicycle to me is an actual source of transportation, not just a luxury thing that sits next to the kayak and badminton net or whatever people like that keep in the garage.

I'm just saying - take a look at the bikes that are hanging. Now, count how many there are. What percentage of those are kids bikes? They're throw away bikes that aren't designed to be daily drivers. They're for riding on the greenbelt once a year and then being hung in the garage, or to be thrashed by youthens.
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