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if you are buying the restoration kit, it comes with 3 different chemicals for 3 different steps. i dont know much about except that you dont need it for a new tank, only for a tank that is already rusted. the sealant itself is sold separately for new tanks or tanks that havent yet rusted. it costs around $20 for a pint bottle, but is also sold in larger quantities, i think up to 1 gal. with the sealantn all you really have to do is pour it in the tank (outside), and keep rotating the tank until it sets. whatever you pour in the tank stays in the tank and dries, so there are no chemicals to dispose of. and kreem is worth the price. i have a tank that is 2 years old sealed with kreem. no leaks, no rust, no flaking. follow the directions and you will have a tank that will last forever.
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