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Default Re: Robin Subaru EH035 - What oil to use ???

Originally Posted by ballermj23 View Post
What oil is recommended for this engine.

this is what i have found at robin america website.
Engine Oil SAE 10W-30 SF or higher

well whats best for my little engine.
I use 30 weight oil in my Robin Subaru EH035
I have over 3000 miles on it.

I read the manual and talked to several oil experts.
Manual says;
If multi-grade oil is employed, oil consumption tends to
increase when the ambient temperature is high.
30 weight is good for 50' to over 90' which is higher than 10W-30

These small 4 stroke motors that have no oil filtration work best on
single weight oils in warm climates like CA.

You would only need a multi weight oil if you are running it in extreme
cold to hot conditions. I don't ride in those conditions LOL

I have just converted my two 4 stroke motors to Opti-4 30 weight.
2nd motor is a Honda GXH 50 that had maybe 1000 miles on it.
Only put very few miles on the R/S since changing to Opti-4
so i can't comment yet.

My 50 cc Huasheng 4 stroke will be getting Opti-4 from mile one
and will be broken in to Opti's recommendations.

Opti-4 is the highest quality petroleum engine lubricant available, and is formulated specifically for the severe demands of power equipment.

Opti-4 is a unique blend utilizing patented Eutectic additive technology for anti-wear characteristics combined with the industry's highest standard for anti-corrosion and thermal stability. Through the use of the Eutectic additive, Opti-4 extends the life of any 4-cycle power equipment engine by reducing friction, heat, and wear.

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