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Default Re: Engine squeaking problems

You just need to readjust your clutch.

4 step clutch adjustment

1. By adjusting the cable, position the clutch's camshaft to be perfectly flat against the bucking bar.

2. Lock the clutch!!!

3. Take of the right cover and you'll see two gears. At the center of the larger one on the left is a flower nut with a locking screw between two "petals". Remove the locking screw turn the flower nut. CW will bring the plate in (if it's slipping on acceleration and hills), CCW will bring the plate out (if it isn't fully disengaging when locked).

4. Fire up the bike (don't forget to put the locking screw back in when you're testing), lock the clutch and lift the back tire off the ground. If it moves at all, you need to readjust it. Take it for a ride and see if it's slipping on hills or when you accelerate. Lather, rinse and repeat until it's PERFECT. It's worth the wait.
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