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Default Maxtorque Clutch Noise

After a few miles into riding my latest Friction Drive I began to notice a slight noise from the engine area. Pretty quickly it began to sound like something was coming apart soon. I isolated it to the clutch. This is a brand new Maxtorque pulley clutch. I have used their products for years and never experienced this. I was suprised to find this one made in Tiawan. Any way upon disassembly it appeared that the dished shoe retainer was free to float on the center hub under its circlip. After pondering a fix for this(the easier the better) I cut 3 pieces of silicone fuel line from one of my R/C aircraft and laid them radially spaced 120 degrees around the hub. I then forced the dished retainer down and installed the circlip. The noise is totally gone now. Just about any thing that is light and springy could be used in a similar fashion. So if you have unusual noise in your Maxtorque look there.
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