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Default Re: Testing the waters

I am a TOTAL NOOB! So please take my $.02 with a "grain of salt"...

I, like all good noobs try to do a lot more lurking and searching than posting...And it seems to me that the VAST majority of the motorized bicycle people are really cheap and expect A LOT for the very few coins they throw at their hobby. And dear load! If the POS that they bought were to fail even slightly...Then it is "war path" time (I expect that the most of they're problems are because of a lack of mechanical skills).


Do you REALLY want to subject your passion to the gripes of a bunch of cheap snivelers. You know what they say about dogs...They don't sh*t where they eat?

Do you believe that Motobiking is poised for a resurgence and that you can make positive effect in the convincing clients/people that high efficiency motorized bikes can be hip and not just for the odd-balls & the DUI losers?

Are you willing to invest your money in an endeavour will probably gain you a bunch of freeloading "friends" AND NO PROFIT???


I've personally have lost a bunch of coin following my dreams over the years and feel being the devils advocate is more helpful than being just another cheerleader.
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