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Default Re: Testing the waters

I throw my vote for the , air conditioning, power steering and sunroofs would be great!! Ive read threads that EZ is coming up with a 2 speed drive system. As far as a cheap kit..dont think there will ever be a dependable cheap kit. Look at the chinas not too dependable, but cheap. I think there is a growing market for upgrades and parts that are dependable, well made, and stood behind by the vendor.. and price reflects that. Look at some of Pirates stuff, SCP parts, these guys wouldnt be selling this stuff if they were losing money. Im sure there will always be a market for the week-end build bikes..thats awesome thats what gets everyone here. But there are loads of people selling the "everyone has it " stuff. If it was Me I would sell good quality stuff as well as entry level and stand behind it..let your price reflect that.
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