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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by oldtimer54 View Post
Look Ive tried to stay out of this as Ive chated (lol) about this with you before but the cheap lazy comment is just to far over the line! Iam nether cheap or lazy and to say that any one who buys from wally world is cheap or lazy is just wrong. Ever think about keeping this b* to your self untell you sober up? Might be a good idea? Peace

PS by the way I just dont get the lazy comment? Seems to me that trying to install an engine into one of these tiny wally world bikes is WAY more work. LMAO
walmart is the definition of cheap. it's the reason it exists. it's low prices on everything.

and since everything's in one place, it's a great place to shop for lazy people. you can make one trip to the store and buy everything from bicycles, televisions, fruit roll-ups, socks, and motor oil.

that's an undeniable fact.

but, i do understand the way my comment could be taken, and for that i apologize. you're right, building a motorized bike isn't exactly easy.

on the other hand, we are building motorized bicycles. that kinda makes all of us lazy, especially in the eyes of people who have to (or like to) pedal around.

and i thought i did pretty dang good at getting my point across whilst drunk...

Paul's right, though. i dunno why i've been in such an argumentative state lately. i need to relax.
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