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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by joabthebugman View Post
60 years ago my marriage would have been illegal, my sons could not drink from the same water fountain and crosses would have been burned on my lawn
I have no devotion to Walmart or China , I actually have never bought a bike there and only go when it is the only option I have available
It's your zealous need to spread xenophobic propaganda about starving children spawned by that American pride that puts us on opposing sides
What factory did you visit in China by the way?
i've never said i visited a factory in china. i never cared that the bikes were made in china, and i don't care that they're sold at walmart. i have no loyalty when it comes to quality. i never spread any "propaganda" at all. just stated my opinion, based on my experience.

you seem to embrace low quality products, defend them with almost a religious fervor, and use what i can only describe as reverse McCarthy-ism to bash anyone who disagrees with your position.

i've conceded that crappy bikes are fine for the first timer, the cheap, and the lazy, yet you reply with comments implying i'm some racist, fascist, american patriot bent on destroying relations with china through slandering their abililty to produce quality bikes.

the facts are, that there are much better bikes, more suitable for motorizing, and a greater cost, than what's available at walmart.

the other facts are, that a lot of people shop at walmart, and it's easy enough for them to buy a bike, catfood, diapers, jeans, and some nachos all at one store.

i'm just not one of those people.

if you are, yay! that's the new american way!

you keep bring up my rollfast with the cracked frame. i've already said i bought that frame for my first bike. it was a late 60's model lightweight, which at the time, was sold at department stores. it wasn't a high quality american bike, and i knew it, and never projected it as anything more. it was a starter bike, which i learned from, and progressed. nothing more, nothing less.

the bottom line is, no matter where the cranbrooks, the new schwinns, and all the rest of those cheap bikes are manufactured or what store they're sold in, they're still low quality bikes.

one of the reasons there's many "success" stories about them, is that there's so many of them being built. if only 15 people out of 100 have a problem with them, that looks like good odds. but compare that to 0 out of 10 worksman's breaking, or 0 out of 5 antique Colson's failing, (or even 1 out of 3 rollfast's)it's a different story.

there's so many problems with spoke tension, flat tires, coaster brake failure, clicking, squeeking and grinding noises, cosmetic damage in shipping, poor assembly at the store, etc on the review sites for cranbrooks from people who haven't motorized one, i just find it odd that anyone would spend so much time extolling it's virtues.

what i find even odder, is that i'm kinda drunk right now, it's almost 2 in the morning, and i'm typing out freakin arguments to someone i'll never meet, don't care what kind of bike they ride, and who'll never take my advice anyway...

what the heck do i care if you buy a bike at walmart, anyway? knock yourself out.
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