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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Never be surprised at low quality China stuff -

Really, what are you expecting when you spend a hundred bucks for a bike?

Or 1 and a half for an engine kit?

You know that up front eh?

Just throw the crap in the trash and replace what needs replacement.
Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Ya know, I worked for Walmart for years. I've handled most of those bikes. I know those companies produce different quality goods for Walmart than what you will find elsewhere. (Heaven help me, I still shop there sometimes.) But I won't outright say "Don't buy a Walmart bike". I will say instead "Know what you're getting and understand what you're about to do with it.

- A Walmart Schwinn is not of comparable quality with a Felt. That's life.

But a Walmart Schwinn can work for somebody who doesn't plan to ride across the whole nation on it. Maybe just around town, etc. As with many other things, tools of the trade, daily drivers, anything where the user grows more serious about what he uses - his tools or equipement get more serious in return.

A shadetree mechanic like myself can't afford Snap-on. Sears Craftsman is what I can manage and it works for me. Yes, I know it's not as good as Snap-on.

What we do to these bikes is not what they were built for. It doesn't matter who made your bike or where you bought it or how much you spent, if you are not mindful that each owner/rider has a responsibilty to himself and others to keep his ride safe. These aren't motorcycle frames here - they are bicycles. We are stessing them in different ways, and we must remain mindful of that. We must be prepared to fix what needs fixing.
Both nicely worded. While there are different levels of use and abuse ''rider''as is materials of varying quality to aspire of. The important thing is maintained and the vigilance to keep an eye on things on all these bikes. These are still bicycles after all.

I have road all my life and been on just about every cheap what ever there was. I made due with it. The important thing is to know what you got more than anything. Maintenance is a important diddy.This is why I appreciate my high end stuff even more! In the last ten years I have put together some nice rides!

I have seen bad low end stuff in my day.

I know about the tools issue Allen I spent my whole life buying tools as a mechanic. I was broke all the time
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