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Default Re: 49ccvs 80cc dimensions?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
In my opinion the laws that infringe on our freedoms in such a way should be a criminal act...

Yep this was a free country at one time!
Map, ol' buddy, from the lips of one who works within the criminal justice system, you don't know how much I agree with you. I truly do.

I am not at liberty to go into any great detail but, in a nutshell, at work I've been known to pour some serious "blood, toil, tears and sweat" into my end of the application of the law - simply because it was being misused and I needed to pull some other department's butt out of the fire before they made the news. But there aren't too many ways to affect some of the more bone-headed incoming legislation that may soon have an impact on those sent to my department, aside from badgering our congressmen.

It's all too true, Map: they can make illegal laws and even enforce them. And usually nothing will change until the Supreme Court hears about it

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