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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by ruppster View Post
You can get by with a cheap bike but in my opinion you'd be better off with a quality used bike.
Nice post overall and I particularly agree with this last bit about a quality used bike.
I hadn't ever owned a Wmart bike but a couple summers ago I was at a store and saw they had one of the orange moondog bikes that gets talked about on closeout for $69. I was in a hurry and picked it up and put it in the van. A couple days later when I took it out and looked it over I was really surprised by the low quality. It was all show and no go, I think people just like the cantilever frame and lines of the bike.
The booger welds were powder coated over but looking closely it looked like the work of a nine year old, gobs of bead with gaps and little flow or penetration joining the tubes. Honestly, I wouldn't ride it without a motor not less with one. I don't know if they were all like that but I took it back.

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