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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
I have and absolutely never have launched any such attack ever and never will. Way to silly to me..
You and I both know that to be a departure from the truth, don't we? My comment about telling me I was worthless to the forum was not pulled out of thin air
But lets get to your second failure with the links

2nd broken frame--
thread about the suitability of aluminum frames. True the subject is a Point Beach, but other posters go on to name "better" frames with the same issue, the only common denominator is that they are all aluminum

My frame broke.
In your rush to label Walmart bikes junk you forgot to determine the actual make of the ike in question. I do not claim familiarity with the brand, but I am pretty certain that Walmart does not sell 1973 Continentals that are , in the OP's words, already "pretty beat up"

March 27th Los Angeles ride

Again you rush
Walmart does not sell any stretchy cruisers that I know of and certainly can not be blamed when the chain rubs against the frame long enough to actually eat through

As far as the Google search
That includes mostly the links we have already discussed except the first one, which I always find hilarious
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