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Default Re: another old Noob checking in.


I am breaking in my first motorized bicycle so I can't share a compare but it sounds like a motorcycle when I start to accelerate. Makes me think I need to shift when rpm's go high but it's okay being a 2 stroke.
If my information is accurate I understand the 4 Stroke supply is limited at this time and priced high due to Japan and possibly price manipulation.
I was told that 4 strokes are good but they, like electric, do top out around 20 mph. I believe once broke in this 2 stroke will get closer to 30 and I am a heavy guy so I won't be sad if it goes 26 or so with me on it.
On the gas smell? Yes it's annoying but then it's a 2 cycle and we have to mix and handle gas more than simply filling the tank.
I understand I will get better performance once I switch to broke-in mix from Break-in mix.

I understand 4 stroke motors are nice so I'm not disparaging any choice of motor.
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