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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Very nicely said.........

I know this is true because several years ago I bought a Diawa Bait cast reel at wally world that was not the cheapest thing they had by any means, I paid pretty good money for it considering it was from walmart, the model was PR733 and it is a 7:1 ratio reel which is extrememly fast, you bass fisherman know what I'm talking about.

My best friend at the time bought that same reel at the local tackle shop and paid almost twice what I did for mine and I wanted to knock him in the head for doing that at first........but as we fished with these reels I started noticing that mine was starting to get a chattering noise in the spool bearings when I casted it.....and the cast was suffering distance because of it so, I pulled the side cover off to check the bearings and oil them and that is when I saw it didn't have bearing on the spool shaft but instead it had theses little cheap plastic bushings that supported the spool instead, my friends reel looked just like mine but it had good stainless steel bearings in it and mine had the junk bushings.

I called Diawa customer servive and ask them what the deal was and they told me that walmart had that reel made up to there specs so they could sell it cheaper and that walmart was the only store that had that particular reel with the cheap plastic bushings........

Yes walmart does have companies make cheaper lower quality stuff for them.... so they can advertise a name brand and make it look like you getting the name brand quality but many times your not.

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You'd be amazed.
Wal-Mart has sub-standard products made by name-brand companies, just to sell at their stores. They have been doing it for years, and they do it with everything they can.

The story below concerns Snapper mowers refusing to do it, but mentions a few other brands (and competing big-box stores) that do it also-
The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart | Fast Company

Do note--I didn't say Walmart bikes were useless; I have even bought one as a project bike. I warn only that the $100 Schwinn adult bike at walmart is not as good a quality as the lowest-priced $300 Schwinn adult bike that the real bike shop sells. Part of the agreement that the name-brand companies usually make to their independent dealers is that the big-box retailers will never be allowed to sell anything that is not a lower-quality than the cheapest models that the dealers sell. The guy at the bike shop that sells Schwinn will tell you that. The guy at the lawn mower dealer will say the same thing about the same-brand mowers that Lowe's or Home Depot sells.

Walmart is not evil or communist or whatever, but they use very-hard-driving business practices. Those have benefited customers in a few ways, but the flip side of that is that a name-brand product that you buy at Wal-Mart doesn't guarantee you're getting any level of quality.
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