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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by joabthebugman View Post
The problem with all these "experts" on the cheapness of the Walmart bike is that they conveniently ignore the posts by people who actually buy build and ride on these bikes with no problem.
They dismiss these claims as just being lucky in a crapshoot
Most are simply drunk on the s,ell of their own cork and I firmly believe that this hatred of all things Chinese stems from a strong case of Chinese penis envy as much as an inability to accept the fact that America simply does not produce the quality goods she used to
that is pretty funny. 60 years ago you woulda been labeled a communist sympathizer...

i don't really care where a bike's made. they could be made in plymouth massachusetts by decendents of the mayflower pilgrims, in an east german factory by blonde, blue eyed aryans, or they could be made by starving children in china working for free to pay off their debts to the yakuza.

your zealous devotion to walmart and foreign products trumps my american pride anyday, so i concede to you, and will go tilt at my own windmills instead of arguing anymore moot points.
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