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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

None of my bikes are the high dollar bikes one is a bike that came from Wal-Mart many years ago, it's a USA made 10 speed Roadmaster MTB and it has a much heavier frame that the Huffy Karaoke/Cranbrook or the Kulana long frame beach cruiser.

I have had zero issues with any of the bikes so far but I know from the better bike I have riden that these Wal-Mart bikes aren't built nearly as good, for the most part, I have seen some of the Mongoose MT Bikes at Wal-Mart that have disc brakes and the nice shifters and pretty good looking everything overall but they are still not the quality of the bike I look at at my local bike shop when I go in for odd parts.

Personally I dont think any of the new bikes have as good a frames as the older US made bikes..........

Wal mart bikes are OK, I wouldn't call them junk overall but some of them are really lacking in quality, I didnt get my Huffy at wal mart but it looks just like the cranbrook just a different color mainly, I took mine completely apart before I ever put an engine on it and cleaned all of the junk china grease out of the bearing and repacked with high qulity Peak grease and did a good check of all the parts for cracks or problems, my Huffy has had an engine on it for 550 miles now with several 15-20+ mile trips riding on it without a single issue with the bike, so I like me Huffy, but do I think it is a top notch bike....NO WAY.........will it likely last me a long time and give me lots of enjoyment.....probably will....!

I say to each there own.......ride what you want and build what you want, that is what this hobby is all about and there will always be those that will put down what others have simply because they think they are somebody because of what they have and we all know that those peoples opinions dont really matter anyway, they're just party poopers who get ther kicks off of looking down their noses at others not reallizing that they are the fools in the end.

I say enjoy the heck out of your wally world bike and if it breaks fix it and if it breaks again fix it, thats what we do all the time to these cheap china made engine aint it.....

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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