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Default Re: How do I tune this wierd carb?

if you unscrew the top of the carb you'll find the black slide and the gold needle, spring, etc.

the needle has 5 slots in it and a circlip. most california riders run it at the second slot from the top. be careful you don't lose the clip if you have to move it. the cilp setting controls the mixture, towards the top runs leaner, move it down it runs richer.

you'll need to check your plug's color to find the best spot. be careful removing the plug immediately after riding. best to let it cool down so the plug doesn't pull the soft aluminum threads outta the head.

idle adjustment is simple. factory setting is 3.5 turns out, meaning, screw it all the way in till it stops (you don't have to force it tight, just screw it in till it hits.)

then unscrew it 3.5 turns.

with the bike running, you can adjust the idle a little to get it where it sounds right.

that's pretty much all the tuning you can do with the stock carb.
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