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Default Hello from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi

I'm currently in the research stage of my first build--it seemed to make sense to me to find out what works and doesn't work from people who have already done it. My first build is going to be a serious learning experience, as the entire project will be moving me way out of my comfort zone. I'm mechanically inept, but I have recruited some mechanical friends to assist me in the project. I want to do the build myself because I want to be able to cope if I have a break-down on the road and know the difference between "I can fix it here with my tools" and "there's no fixing this, call for a pickup."

I have not bought a single thing for this first build. I ride a bicycle, use a bike trailer, and want the motorized bike to expand my range, save money (of course) and to use for recreational travel, as well as nearby errands.

Ultimately there is going to be at least two builds. The first one is the "learning experience" with a low budget standard cruiser bike and 2 cycle motor. This one will either become my fiance's bike or be sold to help finance #3's build. The second bike is intended to be a trike, although the type is up in the air.

I also blog about the whole thing at
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