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Default Re: 49ccvs 80cc dimensions?

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
Does anyone know the actual size differences of the two motors? I mean I guess the only difference is going to be the jug and the head right?
What is the actual external dimensions from the base of the jug to the top of the head for both and how much shorter is the 49cc vs. the 80cc?
does anyone have a pic of the two side by side? I haven't had a 49cc physically so I don't know. I have a project in mind and want to know if the 49cc is "physically" smaller than the 80cc. It might be the deciding factor on my project.
The motors are the same length front to back.

Why are you calling it an 80cc? There is no such animal.
48 cc and 66 cc both have the same stroke and the
distance from the gudgeon pin to the top of the piston
is the same so why would a 49 cc be shorter than a 66 cc?
it isn't.
I only have a 50 cc round head left and the fins on the 50 cc's
head are a little shorter but that will vary by brand.

A slant head will be the shortest.

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