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Default Re: Well I just had to say this and see if anyone else has experienced this

Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
I like that home brew exhaust what did you make it from and where can I find the parts? How loud is it?
I made the flange that goes on the engine myself so that it is perfectly matched to the port and then the pipe can be purchased at NAPA auto parts, it is 1" exhaust flex pipe, the chamber at the end of the pipe is a Venom Energy Drink can, I cut a split it the top of the can about an inch down so iwould expand so the 1" flex pipe would fit inside it and then I secured it to the flex pipe with a hose clamp, I then drilled three 3/8" holes in the side of the can toward the back so the holes in the can point toward the the ground when the can is turned on it's side, this makes the exhaust come out pointing down and makes it a bit quiter.

This isn't by any means a quite pipe but not nearly as loud as a straight pipe, I like it and if I wanted it quiter I could just put one of those Copper dishwashing scrubby pads in the can and that would make it quiter.

This bike has faster top end and pulls the hills around here better with this pipe than it did with the expansion pipe I had on it, not sure why I just know it does run very nice with this set up

and my other bike still has a SBP expansion pipe on it and it runs good with it also, I plan to leave it on that bike because it runs good enough and it looks good also.

I made one exhaust with a 3/4" pipe all the way back and it didnt run well at all, but when I went up to the 1" ID pipe it made a difference I can feel and see on the speedometer.
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