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Default Re: Somethin a lil different.... In progress...

Yup the exhaust is the first thing to go. Im planning on doing an expansion chamber, and then running a simple straight tail pipe to about the rear sprocket. Next thing to go as funds allow is the tank......nothing against the peanut tank, it just doesnt quite fit with the low long flow of the bike...... I may do a fibreglass or alum. pod to hide a tank between the upper and lower main tubes. But untill then I was thinkin of somethin quick and easy like hiding a PVC tank in a round leather bar bag? I dunno, if anyone has any ideas of simple easy ways to hide or clean up the tank, im all ears! Its hard to make it look like "another bike with a 66cc motor kit on it". I mean dont get me wrong cruisers look great with these kits, I'd like to set it apart a bit though. Everyone's custom builds on here are very inspining to me, so thanks!

Mainly above all Im building it to be ridden daily so i gotta fit practicality and reliability in the formula too like so many of you guys' custom builds have done. Thanks for the input
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