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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yep Remington 870 ........ go ahead geese.....make my day!

Yeah I've got two of the HF 2.5 HP engines I just bought last week, and I have 2 of the GX200 clones, I have thought of the bike wheel also, I would use a 20" wheel because I might go with a rag joint for the sprocket mount and I checked a 16" wheel I have and the rag joint wont work on it because it's out of alignment with the spokes.

I say get one of those 50 or 60T rag joint and sprocket kits from BGF and then with that Torque-a-verter you would have a pretty awesome set up, or at least I think so, this is the exact setup I have planned for what would be a very simple and quick build, I have a couple of the heavy duty BMX 20' wheels I've had for years that have huge spokes in them so I think they would work great for that project when I get the time for it.

I have 2 of the Torque-a-verters on a couple of old gokarts that are still in good shape, I think they will work great if used on a 5hp or larger engine, but I'm not sure they would work to well on that tiny 2.5 HP HF engine, it takes a good bit of power to drive that converter set up, I dont think that little engine would ever get it out of low range, but I could be wrong.

Another thing is that the Torque-a-Verters are designed for an engine with a 3/4" output shaft and the small engines have a 5/8" shaft, that would be another hurdle.

Just get you a 6.5 clone from HF and repaint the tank and shroud an no one will ever know what it is, heck make you up a sticker that says 5HP and put it on the shroud, no one would ever know the difference.
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