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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

LOL Map Buddy! When I was typing that kept thinking you were gonna advise scatter gun. Would be 6 cops and the FD here in 3.7 mins and I would be on the ground with HLS and a PETA rep asking me why I "did it"

Pusher engine size. CT allows for 5HP! I got a comet torque converter still in the box. Wut I am thunking is gokart wheel and a 90 or 79 cc hf engine but would like to use a full 5HP. Thinking hang the weight lower then the axle so the engine rights it self. OR, go with a kids bike wheel so as to lower the center. Work like a pendulum. As long as the weight of the engine is below the line between the drive axle and where it pushes the bike, it stays upright.

dunno and open to thoughts
worst apocalypse ever

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