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Default Re: Trouble shooting the engine that won't start

Okay you got a wet stinky plug and its out of the head so now is the time to check the spark. Now I'm telling this from memory so don't be surprised if I get this wrong. Norman needs to tell it but he hasn't joined in yet so here goes.
take off the chain cover and get the rear wheel off the ground. with the plug wire near the head turn the engine over and look for a spark.

Now I think that is how he said to do it. I have never had to go that far yet.

I think that tells you that your electrical system is okay.

If you don't have spark, I would check out all the wiring. The kill switch, as well as the connections on the blue/green and the black ground from the engine magneto to the coil. There does not seem to be a lot to go wrong with the wiring, but I still managed to screw mine up.

I think if my plug was wet and stinky, and my spark was present I would think the spark plug itself was bad.

I have had cracked plugs in cars a few times so I wouldn't rule that out as many times as I have had to pull mine in this engine. I hope I don't have to pull it any more.

When I switched frames I installed the new plug and wire. It did seem to make the engine smoother but that is probably all in my head.

I'm sure if Norman weighs in he will improve this a lot.
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