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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
I PM'd you because you asked for it and I got the answer I expected - none. It is time to end my participation in this thread, which by the way, I have read in its entirety and got all excited about using Opti-2 because it received a good report. I have accomplished my goal. Which is letting people know there are two sides to a story, and if a warranty is that important to you, abide by its terms. The responses posted by you guys who have something to sell remind me of the recent arrest of Domique Strauss-Kahn for rape. His attorneys will attempt to blame the victim because they and their client have something at stake. I am sort of the "victim" here and have received abuse at the hands of those who have something at stake. This is why most rape victims don't bother to report it. Normally in law he who leaves the field of battle first concedes. I have nothing to gain by responding to any of you who would crucify me, so if that is conceding so be it.
I never asked to be PMed and I quoted and answered your PM in this post.
You are the 3rd quote.
Opti's warranty is for 4 strokes only for obvious reasons.

Now you are the "rape" victim and some kind of Christ like martyr? LOL

I am just after the truth. A better camera and lighting would have helped.

Originally Posted by GEjoe
If Interlube was to tell the truth, they do pay out claims on engines that are not compatible with the 100:1 ratio.
Still waiting for your answer and proof of your libelous statement above?
Why make such a statement if you can't prove it?
Will we be waiting a long time?
Will there be a retraction?

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