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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
Brad at Interlube said it was no problem to run at 72:1 or 100:1. I hear the ring of cognitive dissonance. I am glad that I was not alive when they believed the earth was flat. lol I also smell an agenda in here somewhere.
My point about the oil at 72 to 1 is that you had more oil than if you
were running at 100 to 1.
There is no problem running at 72 to 1.

You are the one with the agenda that PMed me and called Interlube
trying to get a free replacement motor for something they did not
cause. LOL
Get DAX to honor his warranty unless you leaned the carb out so much
that you fried the motor then DAX owes you nothing.

Originally Posted by GEjoe
If Interlube was to tell the truth, they do pay out claims on engines that are not compatible with the 100:1 ratio.
You made a very strong claim there. We are waiting for your proof.
What evidence do you have?
Either back it up or retract it.

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