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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

OH Man Map! I didn't think of that! At the end of our property, is a marsh that is the end of a large pond or very small lake. Thank you! Like spammers, kill em young and be bothered less.

Ya got me thinking 20 or 30 feeder gold fish. Them things could survive a nuc war. The fish go quick here. Lots of geese and swan. (Or as i like to call em, large killer ducks.) They will chase a large dawg or a very kind Carol. They run from me. I go for their necks. LOL, freaks em out. Har, lol. Think I sould get an air horn.

Just realized my 3rd and doner parts mower has a really cool gas tank. Want to do a pusher motorized bicycle and would work great.
worst apocalypse ever

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