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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
If Interlube was to tell the truth, they do pay out claims on engines that are not compatible with the 100:1 ratio. So, has anyone used a CAG engine with Opti-2 at 100:1 successfully? I wish I could have.
You weren't running your motor at 100 to 1
You were running it at 72 to 1
That is quite a difference when you are speaking about truth and
that is plenty of oil.
Interlube ain't lying about anything. You are totally making stuff up. LOL
What evidence do you have to prove this statement?

Interlube does NOT pay out claims on engines!

Interlube does NOT have problems with Opti 2 oil damaging motors.

Interlube does NOT have problems with Opti 2 in much higher hp motors
than yours!
And I will prove that!
Originally Posted by Paul at Interlube
So many variables, typically when a piston is scored from top to bottom it is either no oil in gas or and air leak of some kind but again it is very hard to even see the damage from his pictures. It is quite possible he had the carb way out of adjustment and it wouldn't matter who's oil he was using.
You probably got some major air leaks or running so lean that you fried
your motor.
how does the plug look?
Originally Posted by Interlube
Again very difficult to tell but do you see all that glare in the picture, sure looks like an OIL coating to me. Also I am wondering why his piston is so discolored, it almost has a burnt look to it. Like the oil was baked on, which again indicates there was oil but the engine got too hot. It that discoloration normal on a bike motor?
It also looks like the base of his cylinder has a gasket material on in like a permatex,
No that discoloration on the piston in NOT normal especially on a new 3 mile motor.

You should have sent the whole motor back to DAX because the evidence of
why you fried your motor is not the barrel or piston. That was just the result.

When you bolt the new parts on you are going to fry it again no
matter what oil you run or at what ratio.

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