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There is a reason why engineers specify a certain ratio of oil to fuel for the particular engine they design. Ever wonder why some engines have a specification for 16:1 and others have a specification for 25:1? The Two Stroke Tuner's Handbook (which I got from a poster on this forum) hints at it when it says on page 134 "Because of the benefits in cooling that are obtained with very rich mixture, you will get very near the maximum power to be had from a high output two-stroke engine with a mixture that verges on being so rich that misfiring occurs." Also read these two links on fuel ratios to understand that there is a balancing act on lubrication, amount of fuel (fatness), lean or rich adjustment, and heat management for two stroke engines:
Rick Sieman:
All About 2 stroke Oil Ratios. Interesting find [Archive] - 3WHeeLeR WoRLD.
Mixing a different ratio than the engineers call for, even with synthetic or castor oil, can push the envelope for the balancing act the engineers designed into the engine, and cause the results I obtained with my engine. If Interlube was to tell the truth, they do pay out claims on engines that are not compatible with the 100:1 ratio. So, has anyone used a CAG engine with Opti-2 at 100:1 successfully? I wish I could have.
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