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Default Re: Kulana Riviera w/66cc BGF kit (my 1st MB build)

Originally Posted by maxsideburn View Post
btw, what's the easiest way you guys have found to bend a tailpipe? mine is currently slightly in the way of the pedals. I know not to try to bend it while it's attached to the motor, but what is the easiest way you guys know of?
I was having the same problem. The buggers are not easy to bend. I tried heating with a torch and about broke my little vise pulling on it. I didn't have to move it far but it wasn't budging.

You need something really heavy. I happened to have a pallet of bricks sitting there. Put something underneath the pipe so you don't scratch it. Put the motor mount end under the heavy thing with the bend on the ground and use it like a lever. Pull hard and steady and it will move. You will look funny so make sure everyone is watching. (You don't need to heat it for this method)
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