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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Hey LS614 I just seen the flaw in what I said in the bit size.....

If the heli coil is 10mm OD then you need to drill the hole for the 10mm threaded insert and not for the 8mm, the 8.4mm drill is for drilling a previously undrilled piece of material and then adding threads to it which requires a 8.4mm drill bit for the 8mm tap....

Quote: The Heli coil OD is ~ 10mm, i.d. is 8mm, both are 1.25 thread pitch inside and out, so the 10mm metric fine tap plus a Heli coil insert yields an 8mm metric coarse threaded hole.

here is where I messed up in my thinking on this earlier so you may not have enough room on the case for that big of a yes take the engine to the machinist and make sure that it can be done without trashing the case.
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