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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Originally Posted by LS614 View Post
Sorry to be jacking this thread but thank you SO MUCH for the help I'm surprised that the hole only needs to be 8.4 mm, but I guess the tap will take away the rest of the excess metal. My dad's work has a lot of machinists who do helicoils, so I may consult them just to be safe. Thanks for all the help, really I think I'll get my engine working eventually
Yes that would be a great idea, the info I listed in the last post was what I found on another forum where some people were discusing the same topic of heli coilling an 8mm hole and what drill size was needed, the 8.4mm bit sounds a bit small to me also but I'm not used to messing with metrics that much I've mainly always dealt with SAE stuff.

YES check with the machinist before you start drilling that case just to be sure,

When you do have the facts post it here or PM me I would like to know for sure myself just in case what I found is faulty info.

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