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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
Brad actually told me that since I put one packet into 1 gallon of gas I had the 72:1 ratio. Kind of hard to screw it up. I'm glad my AAS in automotive technology and several years as a diesel mechanic taught me to pay attention to detail. If it was a bad engine, which can happen to any of you guys that sell engines, I am sure that Duane will get a warranty on it from his supplier, and then pass that along to me. I am glad I bought an engine from him as he has been very supportive throughout this, unlike some I have read about on this forum.
You are very right....Duane is very dedicated to customer support from what I have read on this forum.........

Only issue I have is his refusal to grant warrantee on an engine running the Opti at it's manufacturers recommended ratio of 100:1, I have never purchased an engine from Duane/Dax but if I did I would likely not use the 100:1 mix knowing he would not honor a faulty engine if I was honest and told him the mix I had been using in it, which if that was the case I would be completely honest because I dont lie, I know someone much bigger is always listening and taking notes on all that I say and do........Yep I have a healthy respect for that fella because he will have the last word in all things....

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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