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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
CAG engines don't like Opti-2 at 100:1, even though other engines may have looser tolerances and less horsepower and can use it. The 4.2 hp rating may actually be the missing piece to the puzzle, as more horsepower means more heat for the engine to shed and more expansion of engine parts. This is not a contest, I just want to ride my bike again!

Nope........ the CAG engine nor the ?'able "4.2HP" nor Opti 2 had anything to do with your failure, I'll garantee that there are engines out there producing way more than 4.2 HP with much better tolerances than a CAG running Opti with great success, I say the fact of the matter is you got a bad engine from the get go, which can happen to any of us and has to some......or the fuel was mixed wrong one of the two..........
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