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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
I guess I will tear it down today. I cannot ride until I get a new cylinder and rings anyway. I was planning to send it to Dax upon receiving my replacement parts, but I will send it to him today or tomorrow. Fortunately, even without warranties from Dax or Opti, these engines are very cheap to redo. I do not sell bikes or oil, and otherwise have no ulterior motives in posting here. I contacted both Bairdco and 2Door privately even before I bought my Opti-2. I told Dax about what happened with my engine last week and offered to post my experience here even before this part of the thread developed. I have been riding a motorized bike since 2005 and even did a 330 mile trip in 2006. I don't believe it is a quality of product issue, either with Dax engines or Opti-2. I believe there are just some instances where engines are not compatible with Opti-2, and in those rare cases often Interlube made good on it. Maybe Brad was getting sick already when he called me and that is why he ended the call. I really don't care about the warranty issue or this beginning of a flame war, I just want to get back to riding!

I say you had a defective engine from the start unless you had the Opti mixed wrong which I doubt based on the experience you say you have.

My money is on what causes most of the failures with these somewhat & sometimes poorly built engines, and that is it's just that.......a poorly built engine that had issues straight from the box.

No such thing is an engine that is or isnt compatable with Opti 2 it's just oil and in all of the engines the major components are just steel, chrome & alum.

The materials in the engine cant get an alergy to one type of oil........ and for whatever reason prefer one over the other...a butt load of 30w mixed at 16:1 might make it last a bit longer even with an issue but it will still fail young

Anything that works in one will work in all of them and anything that fails in one would fail in all of them and any engine that fails running Opti 2 would fail with anything else you had in it also.

Any 2 stroke oil/fuel mixed right will work in these engines any 2 stroke oil/fuel mixed wrong will seize these engines.

These things aint rocket science just simple mechanical engines NOT motors by the way, and some of them come out of the factory with fatal problems and will die early on reguardless of what you put in them or how you run them.


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