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Default Re: Noobie in SW Fla ABOUT TO GET MOTORIZED!! need some suggestions

so in my exp the occ bike can be kind of a pain....get a manic mechanic sprocket mount for it first off...mounting the reg rag jopint setup on that specific wheel is well we will save the exploratives and just say annoying...or down right difficult....then the fun part of getting the motor to fit and mount well with proper chain alignment best suggestion is to use a cruiser frame or something else...not saying its impossible but for your first build you may want to try something a bit more regular in the frame department....just my 2cents....its just easier to learn the trials and tribulations of your first build with something that isnt going to be a major pain just to get to line up...none the less run and ride in a solid fashion.....and that motor...i havent run one either but most people swear by them

ps a 2 stroke may be the way to start. look on ebay for a guy with the sn barry and a bunch of numbers...he makes custom 2 stroke engine mounts and exhaust...drill 2 holes and the motor pretty much bolts on...and the holes are not in a structural damaging for thought...the 4 strokes are really nice...but the 2 strokes are easier to mount and teach you alot about a motorized bicycle quickly
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