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I guess I will tear it down today. I cannot ride until I get a new cylinder and rings anyway. I was planning to send it to Dax upon receiving my replacement parts, but I will send it to him today or tomorrow. Fortunately, even without warranties from Dax or Opti, these engines are very cheap to redo. I do not sell bikes or oil, and otherwise have no ulterior motives in posting here. I contacted both Bairdco and 2Door privately even before I bought my Opti-2. I told Dax about what happened with my engine last week and offered to post my experience here even before this part of the thread developed. I have been riding a motorized bike since 2005 and even did a 330 mile trip in 2006. I don't believe it is a quality of product issue, either with Dax engines or Opti-2. I believe there are just some instances where engines are not compatible with Opti-2, and in those rare cases often Interlube made good on it. Maybe Brad was getting sick already when he called me and that is why he ended the call. I really don't care about the warranty issue or this beginning of a flame war, I just want to get back to riding!
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