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Default Re: My new OP Cruiser

Bell makes or maybe I should say made that tool bag. I found mine hanging at the end of a bicycle isle at my local walmart. They was covered in a bunch of dust like they had been hanging there for a very long I am not sure if Bell still makes that particular style bag or not and if you go to walmart website and punch in my local store it doesn't even show they have not sure if they are still made by Bell or not. They did have 4 or 5 left hanging at the end of the isle at the walmart in Canton, Illinois and I think the price tag said $15, but they must have been on clearance or something because it rang up at $10 at the register. Anyhow it is a handy little retro style bag that I can keep a few tools in and adds to the styling of the bike I think. Thanks for the compliment!
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