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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
dtj6ppc, do you have any wobble in the front sprockets when you pedal? I've got some but I don't think it's enough to pop the chain off though.
Yes, I originally had an unacceptable amount of wobble and/or runnout in the front ring assembly and asked Staton about the easiest fix for this problem.........he suggested sending the front ring assembly back to him for adjustment, I was too anxious to get the motorbike up running and didnt want to wait for shipping and repair time, so I bugged it out myself.

The wobble seems to be caused by tolerance stack ups between the various, freewheels, rings, and spacers, turns out that this front gear/freewheel ring assembly is fairly complex with all the different components assembled together into one unit.

I think the fix is to assemble all these different components in relation to one single control part which would be the "axle with woodruf key".

I am just guessing, but it appears that Staton is assembling all the individual parts independantly and not onto the "axle" in a controlled manner, I dont know this for a fact. But, when I disassembled my unit (very difficult because of the locktited thread assemblys and high torque rates) and re-assembled using the "axle" as the control surface reference component, all wobble or runnout disappeared, and the gear system shifts flawlessly without hesitation and without deraillment from outer most rings.

The locktite and the need for a super heavy duty freewheel dis-assembly socket are some of the reasons that Staton recommends return for re-adjustment if wobble or runnout is present.

Personally I hate wobble and runnout even if it does not cause bad shifting or chain deraillment, something about a gyrating gear mechanism just rubs me the wrong way when I have to look at it constantly, especially when the rest of the motorbike is working flawlessly...............Don

I think the following 2 photos of the inner and outer keyed spacer areas best illustrates the different alignments that caused wobble/runnout, and dissappeard when re-assembled using the "axle" as a control feature;

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