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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
I followed Brad's instructions to a tee with my brand new Dax GT50R. I was all set to see the benefits of Opti-2, had even read this whole thread (which is why I tried it to begin with). But like the earlier post about hitting the thumb with a hammer, I now have a new seized engine from using Opti-2 at 100:1. When I kindly and patiently explained to Brad at Interlube what had happened, he quickly ended the call, leaving me to fend for myself. Cannot use what makes the engine seize. No Brainer, fanboys notwithstanding.
Maybe a defective Dax GT50R, did the chrome peel off the
Dax had some Titans that the chrome was peeling on and he
swore black and blue that all his Titans had iron liners.
Turned out that he was incorrect and the Titan did have
peeling chrome.

Why don't you post up some pics of the damage?
Do you still have the engine?
Little strange that you didn't mention it until today?

Your details are a little sketchy....when did this happen?
what exactly happened?
How many miles did you have on it?
How much Opti did you mix and from what Opti product?

I made a post today that was clearly about Opti 4's warranty
and you sent me a PM thinking that the warranty applied to 2 strokes.
Your reading comprehension is not good.

That doesn't sound like Brad to me and he is out sick this week
so he can't answer.

This was your only post about it. 4-27-2011, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
I just bought a DAX friction drive with the 4.2 hp GT50R. Duane says I can cruise up hills now without pedaling. I used to have (will be switched as soon as the Dax arrives) the old 24.5 cc Golden Eagle, but in addition to pedaling up every small hill, had to upgrade to 12 guage spokes and buy a new belt every season. I live in the mountains now and am looking forward to trouble free and no pedaling!

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